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What background image should you use on Twitter?

Twitter used to allow for space to brand yourself on your Twitter feed through your background image. Mashable had great tips for the old background, but most of that visual real estate is gone now. Drew Binkley at 38pages has created a great template to create a useful background image and gives instructions on how to use it. And if you are curious as to what screen resolutions are most popular, w3schools has posted a dataset of their most frequently used screen sizes.

As far as what to include for an image, choose something that will help to tell your story, your brand, and how you can be reached. Mashable offers some tips and Twitbacks has some great free and paid backgrounds. If you’ve visited my Twitter recently (@mccuedan), you’ll see I’ve placed a photo I took of the American Gothic house in Eldon, Iowa during a vacation in 2008. Maybe I need to update my background, too…

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