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Using social media to respond to a local tragedy.

Early Saturday morning, a local family lost their home to fire. The city of Grinnell is using social media to help the family:

  • Two local residents set up a Facebook page to share updates about the family (a mother and baby were injured) and how people can help. Twelve hours after the fire, the page was up. The page has 304 attendees (actually going to the event; the page was set up as an event). Since I started writing this, seven more people joined the page. Kudos to Felica Bridges and Tj Milner for their initiative.
  • Yumi’s Bakery has also stepped up to share updates and collect donations of money and clothing.

This sort of outpouring of support is just what social media does best. An event tugs on the loose ties we have made known through social media, bringing us closer to serve a greater good. Its ironic, isn’t it: people knock Facebook for being narcissistic, yet it helps connect us in unexpected, magnanimous ways. Thanks, Mark. How do you use Facebook to serve the greater good?

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